Golden Coffee Awards Overview and Evaluation Regulations

Golden coffee awards is 

the contest for coffee roasters creating the coffee culture with own philosophy. In addition, the purpose of awards is to support the roasters in the world who roast coffee bean faithfully everyday and face customers, it is the venue of festival which can keep own coffee and discover tasty ‘coffee roasting house’ worldwide. It continued the growth since 2012, many coffee are exhibited in this award for evaluation every year. (In 2017, 400 kinds of coffee in Espresso E, Milk Base M, House Blend H and Single Origin S, 43 kinds of coffee in manufacturer, 50 competitors in Roasting championship, Hand drip championship participated)

When the first award was held, many people worried how coffee roasters could manage the competition. But 19 committee members added their power and wisdom, over 100 judges are supporting the competition now. 


Committee members for Golden Coffee Awards

Kang Dae Young (Manolin), Kang Ji Hyung (Joseph’s coffee tree), Kang Ho Jun (People), Gwon Sun Bang, Yoon Jun Moon (Sun cafe), Kim Min Woo (Coffee gage), Kim Tae-hoon (Kawa coffee), Kim Hyun-jong (toa bean), Park Min-ki (under the tree), Seo Duk-sik(Seo Duk-sik coffee club Kaldi), Song Ju Bin (Jubin coffee), Lee Jong Shin (Baobab tree), Lee Jae Geun (Misorae), Im Gyeong Chun (Full city coffee), Jeong Seung Ye (coffee story), Jeong Gi Heon (Café Ilsang), Choi Gyeong Ho (Altura), Chu Jae Ho (Alice 2046), Kim Yong Whan (Tawhan auto industry), Noh Shi Jung (Jitibins)

2018 Golden Coffee Award

Hosted by : CRAK (Coffee Roasters Alliance of Korea) · Coffee&Tea

Managed by : GCA Organizing Committee

Contest schedule : October 18th (Thu) to 21st (Sun), 2018

Contest Place : aT Center (Yangjae-dong, Seoul, Korea)

Regulatory Notice : Coffee&Tea and CRAK Official Website (

Chapter 1 Contest overview

Hosts, Coffee Roasters Alliance of Korea(CRAK) and Coffee&Tea organizes GCA organizing committee to host Golden Coffee Award(GCA). GCA organizing committee consists of CRAK, Coffee&Tea, Title sponsor and Gold sponsor. The person appointed by board of director of CRAK shall serve the chairman of organizing committee, the chairman of CRAK shall serve the chairman of contest. But when there is a title sponsor, the chairman can be invited under the consultation with Coffee&Tea.

Chapter 2 The purpose of contest

Golden Coffee Award focusing on the history and tradition will hold Golden Coffee Award (GCA) to promote the interest of domestic coffee roaster, to promote the health and happiness of people. 


1. Beans for espresso (store division / manufacturer division)

2. Bean for milk base (cafe latte) (store division / manufacturer division)

3. Beans for House Blend (store division)

4. Beans for single origin (store division)

5. Cold brew sector (store sector)